Friday, 3 October 2014

Trickeye Museum

Have you been to Trickeye Museum yet?

If not, what are you waiting for?! ☺

Trick Eye opened in December 2010 featuring 3D art exhibition. The museum is located at the centre of Seoul's
nouveau art hub, Hongdae, where various popular cultural events attract a stream of young art lovers!

Many of you may be wondering what is the difference between the Trickeye Museum and the Alive Museum. Do check out my photos and you will know!

My boyfriend actually asked me that how did i manage to go in to this cage! Well, there's a small gate and you have to crawl in.

The famous angel wings in Trickeye Museum! 

This looks really real, it does looks like we are taking #selfie

For me, this picture is really hard to pose, what i can only think of is handstand! 

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My Overall Experience: 
It was really a fun and a tiring for me and my sister! I love the all the 3D artworks that look so real but in order to take really good pictures, you must stand and snap at the right angle. Sometimes it may be crowded, so you must wait and don't forget that other people are watching you when you take the photo with the 3D artworks. I feel kind of embarrassed when lots of people looking at me posing. Though my sister and I feels really tired after taking all the pictures but we really enjoy ourselves there. I would like to rate 8/10. ☺ 

Lastly, i really want to thank Trickeye Museum & TIN for having us on that day ♥

Opening Hours: 
10 am-9pm 
Monday to Sunday

Ticket Price: 
S$25 for adults 
S$20 for children/seniors.

 Guests can purchase tickets and packages onsite or online at

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